How to Follow Euro 2020 in Denmark

The European Championship is one of the continent’s biggest footballing competitions and is arguably the second-biggest international tournament behind the FIFA World Cup. Every four years, it sees national teams from many of the planet’s […]


Ice Skating for Free at Valby

Ice skating is a sport for all ages.  Since there are indoor ice arenas all over the world, it can be enjoyed year-round.  It is also a winter sport.  Recreational ice skating burns more that 250 calories per hour. […]

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Copenhagen Marathon

Many people nowadays are into staying fit as a  fiddle so why not join the Copenhagen Marathon?  This is an annual road running event including races over the marathon, half marathon and 10 kilometer distances. […]

cycling in denmark

Cycling In Denmark : The best tips

You must have been told to try cycling in Denmark and oftentimes, the thought of it has left you wondering why. In truth, most tourists would wonder why they would want to go around Denmark cycling when they could take tourists bus to various destinations. The answer is pretty easy. There are many reasons why you should try cycling and why Denmark is the best place for it. Here are some of them to get you started. […]


Notable Athletes of Denmark

Denmark has managed to produce some of the more notable athletes in various sports. This is not only true in football which is the most popular sport in the country. Excellent athletes have likewise been produced in such sports like golf, handball, badminton, cycling, boxing, mixed martial arts, cricket, tennis, hockey, and motor sports. […]