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There is no doubt that Esports is the next big thing in the betting industry, judging by the tremendous growth seen in the field over the past few years. At the close of the year 2023, the Esports industry worldwide was projected to be well over US $1.5 billion in value. 

This rise was also dictated by a constant increment in viewership, which is expected to continue in the foreseeable future. This rise has caught the attention of the gambling field and the betting industry has been increasingly gravitating towards that direction. There can be really little argument that Esports will form a big chunk of the betting market trends in the coming years. 

Coming just as a concept in the years past, thinking of Esports as a full-time betting option was as laughable as it would get but not anymore. The Covid-19 pandemic brought to the fore just how crucial Esports could be at a time when there were curfews all over the world and only a few countries were open to contact sport. Denmark was definitely among the countries affected with the total shutdown of sports back in 2020 and the need to be creative in the betting industry was surely heightened.

Came in handy

The earlier gambling regulations that opened up the Danish betting field came in handy when on-site gambling was affected by the curfews and online betting happened to be the only option during the covid pandemic. The Denmark Gambling Act of 2012 and the later amendment in 2018 are to credit for the significant growth seen in online betting at the moment. 

The use of mobile phones to place bets is now prominent and as a result checking for legal sites is much easier; the same has also been eased with Cheekypunter’s reviews of some of the best and licensed Danish betting sites which feature some of the top bonuses and promotions that would interest Danish bettors. Such provisions encourage not only safe betting but also the speed in growth of Esports has also been enabled by the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The biggest advantage Esports offers over the regular sports is the ability to use banked data to predict and improve the sport, and betting banks heavily on this, as a feature of AI. AI does analyze data and uncover betting patterns while enabling relative ease in decision making.

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Gambling regulations

While Esports and its impact on the future of betting can’t be overlooked, we got to clap also for the foresight in the gambling regulations undertaken by the Danish authorities. In 2020 for example, a report indicated a 6.1% increase in gambling market revenues and this has been going up steadily after the covid-19 lockdowns and curfews were lifted. 

Betting platforms have since been improved with every advancement that comes along and ensuring that betting companies operate by the rules, to not only ensure safe gambling environments but also enhance user entertainment. Thanks to such moves, the online side of betting in Denmark commands the highest returns in the betting market and with the convenience it offers, this is expected to drive more into the future.

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