St. Budolfi Church in Aalborg

In the old town of Aalborg stands St. Budolfi Church which was built in the last decades of the 14th century. It is believed to have been built over and around the original church structure. It is likewise known as St. Botolph Church as it was named after an English abbot and saint. It has not been specifically announced that the relics of the saint are to found in this church although it is presumed, since churches are traditionally named after the most famous person whose relics it keeps.

Like in most Denmark attractions, it owes much of the interest it generates to its rich history. During the country’s early division in dioceses, Aalborg was included in the See of Viborg where Christian activity is very evident. However, it is to be noted that almost no trace of the earlier churches of Aalborg can be seen today.

The church was constructed mainly with Denmark’s most abundant material – large bricks. The main altar was a gift as well as its baptismal font and pulpit from several benefactors. The epitaphs that once lined the aisle of the church are considered excellent samples of neo-classical design. The church interior is something every local or foreign traveler should see.

The church’s present exterior on the other hand is of the Baroque style. Aalborg has adopted the church spire as its symbol, showing the great significance of the church in the town’s history. No visit to Aalborg can ever be complete without passing by St. Budolfi Church, regardless of religious affiliation.

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