Three Unknown Places in Copenhagen Worth Exploring

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Tired of the Little Mermaid and Tivoli Gardens? Here are three of Copenhagen’s less known tourist attractions. Some are even within just a short distance from the more popular spots so keep your eyes and ears open while you’re touring. 

Sondermarken – This is a park situated at the end of the Frederiksberg Have park. Activities that can be done here are walking your dog or just strolling with your loved ones and during the winter season, the most popular activity here is sledging. This is because the park features a steep incline, said to be the only one in Copenhagen.

Cisternerne – This is an exquisite place that features a pyramid-shaped entrance. It also has an art gallery and what makes it unique is that the gallery is located in an old underground reservoir. In  addition, the art works on display here are original and modern stained glass art pieces.

Medicinsk-Historisk Museum – If you’re a person who loves to see not so common artifacts from the past, then you should go to this place. Guided tours in English can be enjoyed in this museum notably in the summer months of July and August.  This museum is situated in the former Royal Surgical Academy and shows old surgical instruments,  other medical devices as well as chairs that were used for example for examining prostitutes way back in the 19th century.

So whether you’re new to the Danish capital of Copenhagen or have been there before, then it’s time  to head to these lesser known tourist  spots.

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