Tour Copenhagen on Board RIB Boats

Water has always been considered therapeutic and what better way to have a relaxing tour of Copenhagen than to hop on one of those RIB boats. Copenhagen has long miles of waterfront and nowadays, waterborne transportation has become the trend. As such transfer activities are easily done as the city centre is only near or less than a kilometer from the waterfront area.

For those looking for adventure, the high speed RIB boats also called Zodiacs are ideal. From the airport alone, you can already arrange for your transfer to your destination in the city center on one of these boats.

For sightseeing purposes, you can also hire one of these high-speed boats and specify your desired itinerary. You can visit the Oresund and pass the huge 40 MW offshore wind farm situated outside of the Danish capital’s harbor. The wind farm is a sight to behold what with several modern windmills lined up in the waters.

RIB boats refer to the rigid inflatable boats which can carry up to 12 people. This water transportation is lightweight but has a solid, shaped hull and flexible tubes. This is the more advanced version of the inflatable boat and has many uses from lifeboats and military craft to work boats in trades that operate in water. 

In Copenhagen, RIB boat tours are very popular. You can rent them to go on a personalized tour of the city and its waterfront. For groups and families who seek adventure on Copenhagen waters, this is the perfect tour to take. Since the boat is open and moves at high-speed, you can be sure to enjoy an unforgettable trip in the Danish capital.

Denmark currently has some 61 companies offering RIB boat tours and rentals. Apart from sightseeing, the boats can be used as well for teambuilding activities and even corporate parties.

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