What is the Danish Koldt Bord?

The Danish Koldt Bord is Denmark’s equivalent of the Swedish smorgasbord. It is essentially a type of meal service observed in Scandinavian countries where different hot and cold dishes are laid out buffet style. The Danish term translates to cool table. 

The Danish way is to have it like a multi-course affair. Diners usually start with generous choices of different types of herring, other seafoods, and the salad. Meat that comes in the form of cold cuts, meatballs, sausages, plus potatoes can be had for the next course. Of course, it will not be complete without the bread and dessert buffet.

A typical Denmark tradition where the Danish Koldt Bord is very much in use is the Christmas lunch, locally known as Julefrokost. In this occasion, the array of food comes with plenty of beer and schnapps. This meal should not be confused with the traditional Christmas dinner as it is held at lunchtime. 

The Danish Koldt Bord is also typically offered in restaurants. Each restaurant can choose the components of their kolt bord offering to customers. There are actually no strict rules as to the specific food to be included. Traditional styles though favor a Danish spread of cold meats, cheese, fish, bread, and pickles. Food is always an interesting aspect of any country from the ingredients to the way of cooking and presentation. Eating good food the Danish Koldt Bord style will certainly complete the experience when visiting and getting to know Denmark. 

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