What’s Unique About Noma’s Green Cuisine

Through the years, Denmark has established itself as a green country with much success. Being involved in many projects that aim to protect the environment, this Scandinavian nation has become a model in terms of implementing green systems in the many areas of its society. Currently, Denmark boasts of having green cars, green buildings, its famous bicycle lifestyle and green cuisine.

In the culinary field, Denmark has produced international chefs who, with their creativity, have concocted unique and scrumptious Danish food not found anywhere else. And with the focus on healthy lifestyle, many have offered the so called green cuisine at their restaurants. The world famous Noma is just one example of a restaurant that today offers authentic Danish cuisine.

This 8-year old restaurant opened in an old warehouse overlooking the water. Initially in its first year, this dining place used Mediterranean ingredients such as eggplants, pineapples and ratatouille. After that, the head chef and owner decided to do away with those ingredients and go totally Nordic using only purely local ingredients.

Rene Redzepi is the person behind the success of the top Danish restaurant simply named Noma. This man makes use of the natural resources he can find at the Scandinavian forests and seas. He never stops learning and continues to pursue further studies including ancient cuisine.

Just to give you an idea of how unique the food offered at Noma is, the restaurant creates delicacies such as crispy deep fried fish scales, broths made from vegetable peels, grilled heads of whole cods. Other unique dishes offered there are deep friend Finnish moss with boletus mushroom, quail egg smoked in hay, dried scallop with squid ink and water-cress emulsion and cauliflower with pine horseradish. It is also here where you can taste reindeer tongue cooked for one entire day.

Noma, one of the world’s best restaurants, is situated at Strandgade 93 in the Danish capital of Copenhagen.  

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