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Considering a trip to Copenhagen?  There’s lots to plan. From accommodation to where to eat,  you’ll need to sort it all.  On top of that, you’ll need to work out what sights to see in Denmark…and how much it’s going to cost you. A city pass can be a great way to manage your spend as you tick off Copenhagen’s diverse attractions. Here, we take you through the Copenhagen Card and all its benefits. 

What is the Copenhagen Card?

The Copenhagen Card is an all encompassing city  pass that covers the wider Copenhagen area. Offering free admission to 87 attractions AND transport across the city, it’s the pass of choice for those wanting an easy ride. Hit the town sightseeing without worrying about spending any more  money – it’s all included ! 

How does it work

Copenhagen card price

You can pick either an online pass – downloadable on the Copenhagen Card app (Google Play or App Store) – or get a  voucher which you can print and then collect at  4 locations across Copenhagen.  The pass durations are customisable and range from 24 hours through to  120 hours – and many in between. There’s a  pass to suit all from weekend city breakers to those taking a week-long holiday.  You need to activate your pass in the app or write the date and time you begin using the voucher. Time starts ticking when you use the first attraction.

Copenhagen Card Price and Duration


*Children 0-9 don’t need a pass. They travel and visit free! 

Copenhagen Card Attractions – what’s included

Copenhagen Attractions & Museums

The card includes admissions to 87 museums and tourist attractions in Denmark such as:

The Copenhagen Card comes with a comprehensive and informational map, so you can plan your itinerary. 

The city guide comes in Danish and English and German, while fliers and tour suggestions are also offered in Spanish, Italian and French. 

Find out more about the attractions included here.

Copenhagen Public Transport Network

Denmark attractions

Enjoy unlimited use of public transportation, from buses, trains and even the metro system in the Greater Copenhagen Region. You can also avail of discounts in restaurants, on boat trips, tours, car rentals and even selected activities or attractions.

Copenhagen Card – How to use the Transport option

There are no barriers for public transport. On buses, you can show the pass to the driver.  For the Metro or S Train, you need to be able to present your pass (or app) if a  ticket collector comes.

Is the Copenhagen Card worth it?


  • Know exactly what you spend
  • Don’t worry  about visiting those expensive  attractions – they’re included
  • Free travel pass 
  • No  fiddling  around  with tickets and lots  of change
  • No  making multiple  foreign transactions at  ticket  booths on your bank card


  • You might  feel pressure to see a lot of sights  to make it worth it
  • Needs a lot of planning to make your  money  back
  • You might miss free  of  charge attractions or simply wandering around aimlessly

Our opinion

City passes are in our opinion a great way to see a city. I tend to  buy them because  otherwise, it feels like I’m spending a lot of money at attractions. But  you do need to plan  properly. And you need to be disciplined and organised to get the best benefit. 

Tips to get the most of it

  • Identify the high hitting attractions – the most expensive
  • Organise these attractions by location and plan your route
  • Total up the  value of your pass. If it breaks even, then it is worth it for the convenience alone. 
  • Any additional attractions you can cover increase your savings! 

Whom is the Copenhagen Card interesting for?

Copenhagen card review
  • Those who want to keep a control on  their spend 
  • Those who plan to sightsee – hard
  • Those who will be out all day and all night on the transport network
  • First time visitors who want to see the big hitting attractions 

Is Copenhagen Card worth it for families

In general yes, for those with children over 9. But think carefully. If you are travelling with younger kids they are free, so you just need the adult pass for yourself. But will you really be able to cover off all the sights?

Kids need rest breaks, toilet stops, fed frequently. They need downtime. Maybe a nap. For some families seeing 2 attractions in a day is a big task, any more is impossible. Think about what is achievable for you before committing. 

How to save money with the Copenhagen Card

copenhagen street

Let’s take a 24 hour pass as an example. For an adult you’ll fork out €54. 

Now, let’s see what the average day would cost you 

Just visiting 3 attractions in one day would cost you €74! And the pass gets cheaper the longer the duration. Whilst the adult 24 hour pass is €54 per day, the 120 hour pass works out at just €24 per day.  Faced with the pretty expensive costs of any major European city, this works out an amazing deal. 

Where to buy the Copenhagen Card

City in Denmark

You may purchase your card here or you may get it at sales outlets in the airport, tourist information offices and railway stations. You can also purchase in most hotels, hostels and even campsites!

If you prefer to save time, we recommend booking your Copenhagen Travel Card online here . Prices start at from €554 for the 24-hour pass.

Where to collect your Card

If you decide not to use the online purchase option, you can opt to receive the voucher via email. Then, you’ll need to take it to one of 4 locations that will allow you to exchange the voucher for the pass:

  • Service Information in Copenhagen Airport (terminal 3) 
  • Tivoli Box Office at Vesterbrogade 3
  • Copenhagen Info at Copenhagen Central Station 
  • Copenhagen Visitor Service, Vesterbrogade 4 i

How to use your Card once in Copenhagen

Copenhagen aerial view

Simply activate your pass on the app, or present your pass at the first attraction. From then, the clock is ticking. On public transport, make sure you will be able to present this to any ticket inspectors. 

Copenhagen Card Review

Durations available24h,  48h,  72h,   96h, 120h
Adult Prices 56€,  83€, 102€, 119€, 134€
Child Prices28€    42€   51€   60€    67€
Number of attractions87
Transport includedYes
Airport  public transport includedYes
App availableYes

FAQs – Copenhagen Card

How much does Copenhagen card cost?

The price varies according to the validity period you choose. Prices range from €54 to €133 for adults. You can refer to the price table at the beginning of the article.  

Are the Tivoli Gardens included in the Copenhagen Card?

Yes, access is included.

Is Christiansborg Palace included in the Copenhagen Card?

Yes, access is included.

Is transport included in the Copenhagen Card?

Yes, full transport is included for the duration of the pass?

How to use Copenhagen Card on metro?

When using the metro, you’ll need  to present your valid Card if there are any controls.

I don’t have a phone. Can I collect the pass in Copenhagen?

Yes, you can collect the pass in person from 4 designated collection points here: Service Information in Copenhagen Airport (terminal 3), Tivoli Box Office at Vesterbrogade 3, Copenhagen Info at Copenhagen Central Station, Copenhagen Visitor Service, Vesterbrogade 4 i

Is there a special rate for children with the Copenhagen Card?

Yes, children aged 9 – 16 get discounted pass prices. Kids under 9 go free! 

Is the Copenhagen Card worth it?

Well, that's what we think. It all depends on what you're looking for when you visit Copenhagen. We have a section that answers that question in our article.  


We are seasoned city pass travellers and we have to say, the Copenhagen Pass is one of the best value passes we have seen. It’s not that difficult to make your money back on this pass. This is largely due to the fact that some of the attractions are pretty expensive.

The transport card – which will cover your airport trip – is also a great bonus. And if you have a young family with kids under 9, their whole trip is basically free! If this all sounds like a good idea, why not buy the pass now here. Don’t forget to tell us how many attractions you managed to cover during your trip. 

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