12 Danish Restaurants Get Michelin Stars

The 2010 Michelin Guide is now out and we have some good news to share with you. One thing is for sure, Denmark remains to be on top in the list of the world’s best restaurants and its Copenhagen continues to be the Scandinavian region’s gastronomical center.

The French Michelin Guide 2010 covering the main cities of Europe reveals that 13 stars have been given to 12 restaurants in Copenhagen. Noma owned by Chef Rene Redzepi retains its two stars. Other awardees include Kong Hans Kaelder, Sollerod Kro, Era Ora, Formel B, The Paul, MR, Kiin Kiin, Paustian v. Bo Bech, Herman in Nimb, Kokkeriet and AOC.

AOC Restaurant is the newest to be awarded a Michelin star. Previously known as Premisse, it is owned by Christian Aaro Mortensen. The head chef, Ronny Emborg, is very skilled and well trained in preparing and cooking Nordic cuisine. With this growing list of restaurants, it only proves that indeed Nordic food remains to be a world class preference for many people visiting the Danish capital.

So what really makes food in the Nordic countries irresistible? The secret is in the clean, fresh and organic produce ranging from dairy products and seafood to fruits and vegetables used in creating these scrumptious Danish and Nordic cuisine. Innovative food, something out of the ordinary, is another plus the reason why gourmet critics have been very curious prompting them to share this with the rest of the world.

Michelin Guide 2010 Main European Cities covers more than 3,200 top gourmet restaurants (1,700) including those situated in hotels (1,500) in 44 major cities covering some 20 countries in the continent of Europe. It does not only take into consideration the best and expensive restaurants but even the so called Bib Gourmand ones which offer great tasting food at affordable prices. For this year, the red guide will be available for the first time as an iPhone application courtesy of ViaMichelin.

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