Copenhagen is Home to Michelin Restaurants

If you happen to be in Copenhagen and would like to try scrumptious local and international cuisine, then you’re in luck. This Danish city boasts of several fine dining restaurants that are in the Michelin Guide Main Cities of Europe for 2009. There are now 13 restaurants in Copenhagen with a total of 14 Michelin stars edging out cities such as Rome, Vienna, Madrid and Berlin.

Michelin is a renowned guide for hotels and restaurants in Europe. It awards Michelin stars to deserving tourism-related establishments notably restaurants with excellent quality. The Michelin ratings give one to three stars. One star means it’s a very good restaurant in its category, two stars means it boasts of great cooking and three stars means it has extraordinary cuisine worth a special journey.

Visit the amusement park of Tivoli in Copenhagen which features two restaurants included in the Michelin guide — Restaurant Herman and The Paul. Among the city’s 13 Michelin star restaurants, Noma remains as the only Danish restaurant carrying two Michelin stars. This rating only means that the restaurant is worth a detour.

With this new achievement in the field of gastronomy, Copenhagen becomes as the only city in the Scandinavian region with more Michelin star restaurants. Next in line is Stockholm with 11 stars.

Restaurants without the stars, however, don’t necessarily mean they should be shunned by visitors. The Michelin Guide actually also gives recognition to the so-called Bib Gourmands or those without stars. Restaurants under this category are rated using the forks and knives. A rating of five refers to a luxurious restaurant while one fork and knife means the establishment is a quite comfortable restaurant.

The Michelin Guide has come up with a new category especially for restaurants with great food and fair prices. Most notable in this niche are Frederiks Have on Fredericksberg with Le Sommelier, Kanalen, Oubaek, Famo and L’Altro following behind.

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