Aalborg Opera Festival Coming Up

March is here and this signals the start of spring. When this season comes, this means it’s time for the Aalborg Opera Festival. For 10 days, local residents and visitors will once again experience great music from many parts of the city.

For those interested in getting to know about this event, it usually features musical performances such as concerts as well as film showings and workshops in different indoor venues that include the offices,  street cafes and selected churches. The reason why most of these activities are held indoors is because of the chilly weather outside while spring is just starting.

This year 2010, some of the exciting activities lined up are three major shows at the Aalborg Kongres and Kultur Center. These are Georges Bizet’s Carmen, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Idomeneo and The Opera Show from London. Just to give you a hint, The Opera Show will amaze and entertain you via the unique costumes and choreography of the main performers.

Aalborg is Denmark’s fourth largest city with a population of 122,461 as of 2009. Music is a big part of this city and by music, it means different types of genre. The Kongres og Kultur Center with its 7,000 square meters of space is just the perfect venue to hold the Opera Festival. The venue is situated in the center of the city and usually accommodates not only opera performances but even concerts of adults and children as well as conferences.

Operas are a staple in Denmark. In fact, the first opera house was established in Copenhagen in 1703. The Aalborg Opera Festival is the only one of its kind in Jutland. It’s during the summer when other musical genres are being highlighted in the city through the conduct of open air concerts.

If you’re planning to visit Denmark soon, a trip to Aalborg will be worth it. It’s the perfect time to experience great cultural activities that happen only once a year.

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