experimentarium copenhagen

Experimentarium Copenhagen – Fun Things To Do

It is said that science is best learned when experienced. There is a particular attraction in Denmark known as the Experimentarium Copenhagen City which offers experiential learning of science for children and adults alike. The Experimentarium, a science […]

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Top Casinos to visit in Denmark

Denmark is one of the top travel destinations in Northern Europe. Most people coming to Denmark will plan a visit to the Tivoli Gardens, a 19th century amusement park that operates during the spring and […]


Vikings to Kings: History of Roskilde

Copenhagen is the undisputed capital of Danish history, society and culture. It is one of the most historically relevant and best-preserved cities in Europe. Today it is the most important city in Denmark, but this […]


Copenhagen International Fashion

Fashion is an art form that shows how a person expresses his or her persona and tastes.  The Copenhagen International Fair is a great event that every person who is into fashion should visit. […]


Ice Skating for Free at Valby

Ice skating is a sport for all ages.  Since there are indoor ice arenas all over the world, it can be enjoyed year-round.  It is also a winter sport.  Recreational ice skating burns more that 250 calories per hour. […]