Popular actors and actresses from Denmark

Popular Actors and Actresses of Danish Descent

Looking at many of the famous Hollywood actors and actresses, it would probably be difficult to guess that they are of Danish descent. Looks and physical features are not much of a give-away. Neither are actions and diction because all have managed to become “americanized” as one could possibly get. Only by looking into their family lineage will most people be able to confirm that they indeed descended from a Danish ancestor. […]

Givskud zoo in Denmark

Givskud Zoo in Denmark: Dinosaur Park, Safari & Accommodation

One of the two safari parks in Denmark is the Givskud Zoo, a widely popular attraction in the Jutland region. Founded in 1969 by Jacon Hansen, it was originally known as Loveparken (“The Lion Park”) as it only featured free-roaming lions in its large safari-like enclosures. It was the first of its kind in the country and it did not take long until it gained massive interest and attention. Over time the zoo started to accommodate other animals and it became more than a lion park. […]

casino danmark

Why the Danes Love Online Casinos

Europe is the birthplace of nearly all classic casino games from Spanish 21 to European roulette. In fact, even the American game of poker originated from the French game of Poque. Despite all that history, the entire European gambling industry was crippled due to bans for a long time. The Danes have always had a historical connection to games of chance, so it was only fitting that Denmark would be the nation to revive the gambling and betting industry in 2012. As we elaborate more on that, the connection between online casinos and Denmark should become more prominent. […]