Aarhus Serious in Going Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral ArhusDenmark country is fully committed to maintaining its role model status when it concerns efforts to preserve the environment. And as it prepares to host the first United Nations Climate Change Conference this December in the capital of Copenhagen, more actions are being taken around the country geared towards helping save the environment.

Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, is one of the six cities chosen by the Danish government to become eco-friendly destinations and the city officials are showing their total support to this environmental cause being spread worldwide today regarding cutting carbon emissions.  And this month, the city is expected to make an important decision on a financial plan worth 70 million kroner ($13 million) in a bid to become carbon-neutral by 2030. The initial amount will be just for the first phase of the projects that will start from 2010 and hopefully completed by 2011.

So what exactly are these developmental projects? One of them is to provide a network of charge areas where drivers of electric cars can recharge the batteries of their vehicles. Electric cars are now running on the streets of Denmark’s urban centers and these are beneficial to reducing carbon emissions especially in the metropolitan areas where many vehicles are being used.

Other vital projects are the renovation of municipal properties that are still not energy-efficient and linking homes that use their own heating system to the heating system of the municipal district. While other countries in Europe that aim to achieve the same goal focus on building new towns, Denmark prefers to develop existing structures in line with the objective to become an environment-friendly area.

Aarhus which currently has a population of 302,000 people also plans to expand bicycle paths to encourage drivers to bike instead of drive their cars to work. In addition, officials are eyeing the use of wood pellets, straw and domestic waste over coal in running the power plant.

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