It has less than 200 inhabitants and from tip to tip spans only seven miles long, yet it is one popular tourist destination in Denmark. Welcome to Anholt, one of the most isolated island communities in the country, situated right in the middle of Kattegat in the Jutland peninsula. It is officially a part of the Norddjurs municipality and has been a settlement since the New Stone Age, with evidence of some Viking finds in the area. Interestingly, the remote island may be part of Denmark but it is largely owned by a private individual, a Copenhagen native and lawyer Jens Christian Rostgaard van der Maase.
Unspoiled natural beauty and rustic small town charm lie in wait for the thousands of visitors who make their way to Anholt, especially around summertime. The island is remarkably blessed with having two beaches that sandwich the only village which obviously is the center for all cultural activities. The landscape in Anholt is also diverse – to the west is a stretch of plains and meadows while the eastern part is a desert with dense lichen heath, a result of the denudation of the forests in the island when the bascule lights were erected in late 19th century. Today, much care and effort is taken to preserve the remaining natural resources in Anholt and tourism activities are geared towards this end. There are no luxury resorts or hotels in the island but visitors can rent cottage houses or use the campground.
Anholt has its own local airport which services regular flights of Copenhagen Air Taxi. There is also a port which is used as a dock for the fishing vessels in the island as well as for the ferry transportation.

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