Ans Bussen

Ans Bussen is a coach that operates to meet the many needs customers and tourists have for bus service in Denmark and throughout Europe.  Ans Bussen serves companies, educational institutions, municipalities, associations, and any other group that may have need for bus services.

Ans Bussen offers bus service for business people who are looking to plan business trips and travel to conferences and other business destinations.  In addition, they offer bus services for clients who might be visiting the area.  Ans Bussen buses are top of the line coaches that offer the very best in comfort and style. 

All buses have lots of leg room, adjustable footrests, fold-down tables, and reclining seats.  Ans Bussen can also accommodate handicap transportation as well as the transportation of tourists.  Day-long bus tour packages, for those wishing to see the best of Europe, and all other services can be booked through their website at

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