Aarhus Flying Academy – AAFA

Aarhus Flying Academy is a top notch flight school with ten years of experience behind them, making them one of the oldest and one of the largest flights schools in Denmark.  The mission of the school is to ensure that those people who want to gain their private pilot’s license can do so by learning from the very best. 

Theory classes are held in Aarhus and flight training takes place from both the Aarhus Airport and Randers Airfield.  With nine directors, four planes, and two helicopters AAFA is more than equipped to help those people who have always dreamed of flying make their dreams a reality. 

With the resources available students can fit their flight training into their busy schedule, which makes it even easier to achieve the dream of flying.  AAFA also collaborates with Randers Flying Club, which gives students extra training in a number of areas and the opportunity to join in some special events. 

Visit aafa.dk for more information and to find the times for their information meetings, which are held regularly.

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