Archaelogy Exhibition Marks 70th Anniversary of Queen Margrethe II

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Queen Margrethe II who heads the Danish monarchy. The Queen is considered a descendant of one the world’s oldest monarchies. And to celebrate this special occasion, an exhibition will be organized at the National Museum of Denmark.

Unknown to many, Queen Margrethe II has great interest in archaeology. This is not quite surprising because as a teenager, she used to accompany her grandfather King Gustav IV of Sweden during archeological dig trips in Italy. The diggings took place in the 1950s. This eventually influenced her to study archaeology at Cambridge University.

You still have a chance to get to know Queen Margrethe this month. Visit the National Museum of Denmark and find out how archaeology made an impact on her life. You will gather information on the various archaeological sites she has visited and experiences she had there. Displayed at the museum are the queen’s life-sized private photographs including those from her younger years and sketches she created during their excavation trips.

And the best part is when visiting the museum, you will feel as if Queen Margrethe II herself is guiding you during a tour of the exhibit. The reason is that the Queen herself made the recording that will guide visitors through the works being displayed at the museum and how significant they were in her life.

This exhibition of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark and Archaelogy will run until February 27 so don’t miss this one.

Queen Margrethe ascended to the highest post in the Danish monarchy when her father King Frederik IX died in 1972. She became the first female Danish Sovereign under the so-called new Act of Succession. Apart from her deep interest in archaeology, she is also a painter, a translator and a costume designer who loves designing her own clothes. In fact, her illustrations bearing the name Ingalihd Grathmer were used for The Lord of the Rings Danish edition which was published in 1977 and re-issued in 2002.

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