Titanic Exhibition Visiting Denmark

Many people know the famous Titanic ship and what happened to it.  It’s also undeniable that numerous movie fans have seen the box office film with the same name that starred Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio.

The Danes who are big fans of the film will soon get a chance to learn more about the Titanic. They need not travel anywhere because “Titanic – The Exhibition” is visiting Denmark for nine months starting on April 10 this year which actually marks the 99th anniversary of the day the passenger ship left Southhampton for its maiden voyage. This is the very first time the exhibition will be in Denmark so watch out for it at the Hans Christian Andersen Castle in Tivoli, Copenhagen.

Through “Titanic – The Exhibition,” the Danish people as well as visitors in the country will have a golden opportunity to find out the fates of the passengers, read letters from those who died, view recreated suites and original effects from the ship. Visitors will also get the chance to know the 14 Danes who were on board Titanic when it sank in the night of April 14, 1912 as a small section of the exhibit will be dedicated to them.  Of the 14, only two survived the incident.

So what can people expect from this rare exhibition? Upon entering the venue, young and old visitors will be provided with an MP3 player that will guide them around the exhibition. Audio and video presentations will also be in place to allow visitors to find out what happened during the final hours of the ship before it sank. 

The Titanic was owned and operated by White Star Line and had 2,207 people on board when it hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic that fateful night. Apart from the 14 Danes, there were other Scandinavians on the ship at that time to include Swedes, Finns and Norwegians. It was in 1985 when the ship wreck was finally found 3,800 meters below the ocean.

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