Are you Ready for the Limfjorden Race?

The Limfjorden Race is a traditional nautical race considered to be the biggest in the Scandinavian region and occurs in Limfjorden. During the race, wooden ships from fishing boats, three-masted ships and schooners compete against each other.

This year, the race starts on September 13 from Aalborg and will continue for the next six days until the participants reach Skive on September 18. From Aalborg, the boats will have to pass through Logstor, Thisted, Struer, Nykobing Mors, Fur up to the final destination which is Skive. All guests and crews will be provided with meals in all harbours. The city of Aalborg is often a top choice for ship races. For the third time since 2004, it has been hosting the Tall Ships Race and has, in fact, attracted 1.2 million visitors in 2004.

Each year, the “Round the Limfjorden Race” is usually being participated by some 50 old and rigged sailing vessels. It involves five stages with the vessels calling on a new port each evening.

Limfjorden is a channel approximately 180 kilometers long and cuts through Jutland and divides the Vendsyssel island of North Jutland from Thy in the continental Jutland. This area which has Aalborg as its main port is a favorite of yachters because of the existence of various mooring places. It also boasts of diverse flora and fauna, an amazing bird life and lots of great dining places offering unique culinary treats. But apart from its famous sea, Limfjorden takes pride as well of its great tourist attractions on land.

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