Badminton World Cup 2014 Goes to Denmark

The Badminton World Cup goes back to Denmark for the year 2014. The City of Copenhagen has hosted this prestigious event for three years before this year’s event. The first one was in 1983, then in 1991, and then in 1999. 

This is a badminton tournament organized by the Badminton World Federation (BWF). It started in 1977 wherein the first event was held in Sweden. What started as an every-three-year event eventually became an annual event starting year 2006. China, by far has obtained the most number of gold medals in the entire run of the event. 

Being approved as a host country for the event requires going through a stringent process of selection and bidding. Denmark for its part has well prepared for its application as host country because of its greater goal of holding an all-out badminton festival this year. Denmark prevailed over its two closest bidding opponents- China and Macau, through the joint efforts of Badminton Denmark, Sport Event Denmark, and Wonderful Copenhagen.

The BWF Championship is considered the crown jewel among all the badminton events in the whole world. The arrival of world class athletes in Denmark is welcomed by country officials together with higher hopes for its local athletes given the home ground advantage. The City of Copenhagen is proud to welcome participants and visitors for the event most especially after going through an extensive make-over since its last hosting in 1999. Clearly, Copenhagen has established itself as a prime venue for international events not only limited to sports.

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