Ballonmand is the ideal entertainment for children’s birthday parties or any other type of children’s party or celebration, such as a baptism, a company party, or a class party.  With a team that is spreading across Denmark, Ballonmand offers a treat for boys and girls, all of whom love balloons. 

Ballonmand is a company that is made up of professionals who train in the art of balloons and they can make many kinds of animals, hats, and other fancy shapes.  Their website,, has all the information required to learn more about what Ballonmand does and how to book them for your next engagement. 

Frequently asked questions are available and there is information on face painting, another service offered by Ballonmand.  Whether your event is small and you need only one Ballonmand or it is large and you need several, Ballonmand can supply to suit your needs.

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