Rold Skov

Nature lovers and fans of outdoor sports will definitely enjoy some time in Denmark’s oldest and one of its biggest forests, Rold Skov in Himmerland. Stretched over an area of 8000 hectares are heathlands, troll forests and moors where a wide variety of trees and animal life can be found.

It is most known for its dense growths of old pine and conifers. In the summer, you can find the largest orchid in Denmark, the “Lady’s Slipper” abloom in the hills of Bjergskoven. Here are also some of the most breathtaking springs in the country such as Store Blakilde, Lille Blakilde, Ravnkilde, Springkilden, Blahol, Stubberupvad and Kovadsbaekken among others.

The “Den Narre Kjeld” is a natural spring that has been around for over 600 years. Named after the nearby village of Rold, the forest is so big that it consists of several parts namely Hesselholt, Norreskov, Norlund Skov and Rold Vesterkov. There is one popular park located inside Rold Skov that is frequented by locals and visitors, the Rebild National Park. And although 75% of Rold Skov is privately-owned (and only 25% managed by the state), the area remains open for people to enjoy various outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, running, swimming and winter skiing.

In Rold Skov, you can also find a wealth of historical artifacts and cultural memorials. In Bjergeskoven are burial mounds that date back to the Late Stone and Bronze Ages. There is also a charcoal burner in Kulsvierpladsen in Rebild Hills that tells of the heavy charcoal burning and production that took place in the forest. Another interesting feature of the forest is the presence of “erosion holes,” made possible because of the lime-rich soil found in the area.

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