Be Amused in Bakken

Are you fond of amusement parks? If you are, traveling to Dyrehavsbakken should definitely be in your bucket list. The oldest theme park in the world is located north of Copenhagen. You wouldn’t believe that this park is already about 431 years old because all the rides still work and everything in the amusement part still functions as if it were all new.

Have you seen 33 roller coasters in one amusement park? If you haven’t, that only means you haven’t visited Bakken yet. They’ve got drop towers, ferris wheel and a lot of other exciting adventure rides you haven’t tried before. If you are looking for the best rides, then Bakken has got it all for you. They’ve got a long list of rides to offer, more than what any other amusement park in Scandinavia could offer.

After spending the day taking one ride after the other, do not fret because they’ve got the best food stalls with your favorite snacks. Whether it’s a glass of wine or a cup of coffee you want, Bakken has it. They’ve been known for the old London bus that has been converted in the bus. You can get a fancy pint of beer there and enjoy the afternoon away.


And the best is yet to come. The Bakken is known for its good old fashioned cabaret at night. When the sun is down, the lights brighten up the entire place. Indeed, there is nothing like the Bakken to complete your trip to Denmark and tick off a couple in your bucket list. Go ahead and be amused!

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