Five Tips If You Are New To Denmark

When you’re new to Denmark, you might realize that there are a lot of things about living in that country that’s different from what you’re used to. So before you give up the idea of having fun while in Denmark, here are five tips you need to keep in mind when you’re new to Denmark.

Learn the language.

You’re very lucky to know that most of the people in Denmark speak English fluently. And yet, it would be a plus if you knew how to speak their language too. Not only will you be able to learn more about their rich culture, but you’d be able to meet a lot of new friends. Learning the language will make you feel like you are one of them and that’s the best feeling you can get when you are in a foreign land.

Be open to the new flavour.

You might be used to the flavours of your country, but being open to eating everything Danish would be a good attitude to keep. Embracing the flavours that Denmark has to offer will not only be about survival, but it is about discovering the rich culture in every bite.

Get yourself ready for the seasons in Denmark.

It can be quite hard to get caught wearing the wrong clothes for the wrong weather. Before you travel or move to Denmark, make sure you have the clothes that fit their ever changing weather condition in the country. For the Danes, there’s no such thing as bad weather. You can only be caught wearing the wrong clothing.

Respect the traditions and follow them when you can.

Danes can be very liberal about several things in life, but they’ve got their set of traditions too. They’ve got their holidays, their traditional celebrations and all you’ve got to do is to celebrate these with them. Not only will it be about respecting traditions, but it is about submitting yourself to new cultures you can grow in.

Get yourself a bicycle.

You definitely didn’t expect this, but this is for real. Not only will biking allow you to move around the city for free, but it will make you free. The best part of it all is that you can lose weight in the process too.


With all these tips, you’ll be all set to a new life in Denmark.  

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