Bella Sky Hotel – the Largest Hotel in Scandinavia

Denmark prides itself with having the largest hotel in the whole of Scandinavia – the Bella Sky Hotel. It is situated in the district of Ørestad in Copenhagen, Denmark. This four-star conference hotel has a total of 814 rooms.

The first thing that will catch the viewers’ eyes is the hotel’s unique tilting design which is intended to optimize view of occupants. It has two towers with heights that are limited accordingly because of the structures’ proximity to the Copenhagen Airport. The hotel opened in May 2011.

With a total of 23 floors and 42,000 square-meter floor area, the hotel stay is made more convenient and exciting through its various facilities. These include five restaurants, 30 meeting rooms, and a wellness area that occupies at least 850 square meters of space. Then 23rd floor hosts the Bella Sky Bar while the 17th floor is dedicated solely for female guests. No man is given access to this specific floor.

The hotel is a smoke-free facility. From the outside, it looks like a designer hotel mainly catering to luxury and leisure. Although it is indeed luxurious and leisurely to stay here, it is primarily promoted as a place for business travelers to stay and attend conventions in the buildings nearby. Its location is considered advantageous because it counts at its neighbors only three sturctures and a whole lot of open spaces. For all intentsand purposes, the Bella Sky Hotel is a spectacular modern skyscraper that serves as an unforgettable landmark in Ørestad.

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