A Glimpse of the Middle Ages through Ærøskøbing

If there is one place in Denmark that can give you a glimpse of the Middle Ages, it will be Ærøskøbing. The houses and streets have been purposely restored to achieve such look and feel. The structures are mostly one story high with the oldest dating back to the year 1645.

This seemingly idyllic town is found on the island of Ærø in the municipality of the same name. The old part of the town provides perfect examples of the exemplary craftsmanship of early carpenters, blacksmiths, and bricklayers. The town’s renowned building culture is said to be a development of many centuries characterized by assimilation of different design influences.

Ærøskøbing is a tourist attraction of Denmark that boasts of several interesting structures including the Ærøskøbing Church, the Prior’s House, the buildings at the harbour, the cook house, and the town windmill. A trace back in history will reveal that the cook house facility became a necessity because of the great fire risk associated with cooking in wooden ships. Since it has been originally built in 1810, it was recently restored so that it can continue to be a place it was originally intended for. Today, it is used by yachtsmen as a place to prepare their food.

The town has received commendation for its clear intention of preserving cultural heritage. Behind the quiet picturesque atmosphere is a lively and active town that is worth exploring. It continues to be true to its reputation as the center of the island’s commercial activity.

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