Race in Denmark : The best races you cant miss

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Race in Denmark, on the Danish capital never runs out of exciting events all year round. Whether it’s about sports, entertainment or cause oriented gatherings, the city has been a top choice for many years now.

Copenhagen Hosts World Bike Race

bike race denmark

Different types of race are not new in Copenhagen. This international city regularly hosts car races, bicycle races, motorcycle races, fun runs and marathons.

This month of September from the 19th to the 25th, Copenhagen will host the UCI Road Race World Championship. This bicycle race will see the world’s best cyclists competing for the world champion title. They will pass through the old streets of Copenhagen as well as the roads north of the city in Rudersdal.

The city will be practically car-free for three days and a giant street festival is also being planned. The H.C. Andersens Boulevard considered the city’s busiest street accommodating more than 60,000 cars every day will be closed to traffic from Monday until Wednesday. This will make way for the time trials for the UCI World Road Race Championship.

During these car-free days, local residents and tourists will get the chance to attend public parties around the city center. There will be free concerts organized by those behind the famous Roskilde Festival as well as other events that feature arts and food. Bike-related activities will also be in place and these include the bike theater, pimp your own bike, water biking, urban biking, BMX and the official Bike Parade.

Copenhagen was a top choice for this UCI Road Race World Championship. Being a city with a bicycle lifestyle, the UCI nominated the Danish capital as the bike city for the very first time. Did you know that half of all citizens in Copenhagen use their bikes daily? And just so you know, there are actually more bikes than inhabitants in this wonderful city.

Copenhagen 6-day Race


A track cycling race that lasts six days is called a six or six-day.  These started in Britain and have spread in several regions in the world.

This major event in 2015 is the only 6-Day Race held in Denmark and Scandinavia – and is the 53 of its kind. It is one of the longest-running sporting events in the world – with the fastest top cyclists from all nations that come to compete at the new Ballerup Super Arena.

It is a multi-purpose arena in Ballerup, Denmark.  It is owned by Ballerup Municiplaity and managed by EventForce A/S.  It is often used for six-day racing  events.  The cycling track is 250 meters track made of wood.

If you want to experience the atmosphere full of excitement and enthusiasm, you should book your VIP arrangement.

The 6-day race VIP event inner circle is a unique event that you shouldn’t miss.  It sits right in the center of the action with a clear view to the bike path and pedal athlete’s intense struggle.

The VIP arrangement is for a minimum of 10 people and includes admission ticket, table for 10 people with a table service starter, main course and dessert buffet and a soft bar.

This is ideal for Christmas parties or staff parties.  You can invite anyone to the party and have a great evening with your family and friends.  This is surely an event that will keep you on the edge of your seats.

Race in Denmark, what is Copenhagen’s Midnight Race?

night race denmark

Running is such a popular activity among young and old folks around the world today. It’s a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the sights around the place at the same time.

Running events are normally held early in the morning for a cooler temperature. However, there have been activities organized in the evening in recent years. Again, the goal is to enjoy running without the sun and heat that can easily dehydrate the participants. 

Denmark is also not left behind when it comes to running events. For this month, it will have its yearly Midnight Race again around the streets of Copenhagen.

This event in the Danish capital features the 10k midnight race with hundreds of people taking part each year. But unlike the usual activity of this kind, this race has a festive atmosphere wherein people are in high spirits to run after dark.

Denmark had its first Midnight Race back in June 2009. This kind of race has its origins in Stockholm, Sweden. It began in 1982 and now has spread to other Scandinavian countries including Gothenburg and Helsinki.

The idea for the midnight run came from some folks in Hammarby, Stockholm who were training at the end of the 70th century. The goal was to combine sport and culture as a way to let different generations of people meet in one event.

These midnight races start late at night and participants are arranged in a certain order around the course. Spectators also line up at the routes to watch the runners.

Records have it that competitive running originated from the religious festivals in Greece, Egypt, Asia and in Africa. One of the earliest running events in the past was the Tailteann Games in 1829 BCE. It’s an Irish festival to honor the goddess Tailtiu.

Race in Denmark with Classic Race Aarhus

aarhus race denmark

Sports cars are often referred to as toys for the big boys.  So, if you are a car enthusiast, you will surely enjoy the Classic Race Aarhus.

This race takes place in the cultural-historical race track around the Marselisborg Memorial Park.  There are 300 racing cars from Denmark and other countries that come to join the race.

This is indeed an interesting race since you can see sports cars and racing cars from the 1930s to the present day compete in the race.   Spectators can see numerous pedigree race cars from the Danish Golden Age of motorsports as well as cars as diverse as the Le Mans and Ca Ams.  So, you see, the historical Formula One class is not the only one represented in this race to the finish line.  There will definitely be something for all tastes.

Apart from the race, there are also events that the whole family can enjoy.  Even kids can join the race to hone their skills in the children’s soapbox cart race.  What is more, the Memorial Park will have exhibitions, activities and entertainments for everyone.

People from all walks of life can see the grand “Goodlook Street”, which is the celebration of the look of the past.

The Classic Race Aarhus was awarded the Danish Motorsport event of the year because of the wide array of events in store for participants and spectators.  The best part of this is that all proceeds are donated for the benefit of road safety for children.  You get to enjoy the festivities as well as contribute to a good cause.  

And the Race is On for the Classic Race Aarhus 2014

aarhus race 2014

There is one event in Denmark that focuses on providing an historical narrative about the development of cars covering at least five decades. It is known as the Classic Race Aarhus and will be happening this year on May. The promoters of this event is building it up as a family event in one eventful weekend for everyone.

This is a street race that is expected to involve from 100 to 200 historical vehicles both from Denmark and abroad. Spectators can anticipate to see cars from just about any time period in car history. The participation of car brands like Bugatti, Bentley, Lotus Cortina, Mini Cooper, BMW, Porsche, and sports cars in the tradition of Formula One is expected to make the event more colorful and exciting than usual car events. There is nothing like watching historic and beautiful two and four-wheel vehicles racing through one of Northern Europe's most beautiful racetracks.

The Classic Race Aarhus does not only attract professional racers but also royalty who are into racing as well. His Royal Highness Prince Joachim has seen action in the race. In fact, he was a former winner in the Aarhus race and Danish Championship Titles. Other winners from the Danish Championship Titles like the Cortina Racing Team have registered to participate this year.

This event promises to be a true spectacle not only for car aficionados but also for all people who simply want to enjoy. Adults, children, males, and females alike will all come together to watch this event. Drivers are expected to be registered by now but there is still time for travelers who wish to witness the Classic Race aarhus 2014. And the race is on!

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