Bomb Scare was False Alarm: Copenhagen Safe for Tourists

Copenhagen has always been one of the safest cities to travel, with security not a major issue and problems with extremists not being part of the daily city news. So it was rather surprising to hear of a bomb scare just a couple of days ago.

The bomb scare, turned out to be nothing more than a false alarm though, making Central Copenhagen still a really safe place for locals and tourists alike. The “car bomb” that made police suspicious turned out to actually be “a scientific experiment designed to try and recover electricity as the car moved.” The copper pipes and red wiring that ran under the car straight to the car battery that triggered parking steward Christian Markussen to report the car to the police is all part of the car owner’s experimental set up.

The false alarm, if anything, is actually more good news than bad in the end since it shows us that the Copenhagen police are ready to take action in the unlikely event that a threat turns out to be more than a scare. And while the evacuation may have been a real nuisance to people affected, it is good to know that action was taken immediately to keep everyone safe until the matter was checked out.

So if you’ve been worrying over security issues, don’t. The only thing you really need to worry about when you go to Denmark for a visit would be having too little time to see all the things this great country has to offer.

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