Chinese Santa Wins World Santa Claus Congress in Bakken

Christmas may be still be quite far off, but in Bakken it’s just barely over.

Bakken, the world’s oldest amusement park, is also home to the Annual World Santa Congress, an event that draws more than a hundred St. Nicks for a few days of Christmas festivities right in the middle of summer.

The World Santa Congress was not confined to Bakken this year though, with santas from all over the world enjoying the sights Copenhagen has to bring before heading out to the amusement park. In fact, you’ll see santas all over Copenhagen each year, from the Copenhagen Harbour posing with the Little Mermaid to just about every street corner, making the city one hohohorrifically red town during the days preceding the congress.

The event, which always takes place in the week of July 24th, was held last Monday till Wednesday of this week, so the show’s over for Santas who didn’t make it this year. However, you’re obviously more than welcome to share the cheer next year.

Santas (and pixies) who wish to participate in the special congress are expected to come in full costume during programme activities. Ordinary Santa costumes are also not acceptable with participants required to represent their countries and so look like the local Santa. And yes, Santas who come to visit not only get to see fellow Santas and join parades, but also get the chance of being bestowed the honor of being “World Best Santa Claus”. This year, that honor went to Santa Johnny of Hong Kong. Yes kids, expect to see a Chinese Santa shimmy down your chimneys this year!

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