Bonbon Land

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BonBon Land is an amusement park located in Holme Olstrup around 100 kilometers from Copenhagen. The amusement park was named after the candy manufacturer Bon Bon that produced candies with funny and unusual names such as ‘mågeklatter', ‘hundeprutter' and 'tissebleer'.

It started out when many children, schools and kindergartens wanted to visit the candy factory in Holme Olstrup in the Danish countryside to know more about how the candies were made. Since production regulations were strict with hygiene, the factory could not accept guests or allow children to have tours. As a result, BonBon’s owner Michael Spangsberg decided to open a small Bonbon land.

It was in 1992 when the theme park opened. It had a small candy factory, a cinema, a gift shop and four duck like shaped boats and a pond. The amusement park’s goal was to focus on activities that families can do together. One day is not enough to see all the sights and attractions. All of them are free once you have paid the entrance fee. While you are there try the beaver-rafting course, the pirate track and check out the playgrounds in the area. There are also many restaurants that serve different types of food –from buffets, pizzas and other types of fast food.

Today, BonBon land is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark. The quirky and funny characters definitely amuse visitors of all ages. Their unique ideas and characters are their strong points which you cannot see in other theme parks.

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