Book Forum 2009 in Copenhagen

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Bookworms in Denmark should keep an eye for an important event this week. The Book Forum 2009 is happening on Friday, November 13 at the modern Copenhagen Forum. This is Denmark’s biggest event of its kinds which has through the years attracted book collectors, authors as well as book sellers from other parts of the world.

This weekend literary event is meant for the book lovers regardless of age. Local residents and tourists can take advantage of the numerous books of all kinds which they can browse or buy during this day. Expect hundreds of tables displaying novels, textbooks, magazines, periodicals and all other reading materials. Whether you want to just browse through or purchase some books you’d like to read and keep, you have a wide choice during the Book Forum event.

Organized by bookshops and publishing houses in Denmark, the Book Forum in 2008 saw the presence of some 567 authors from different countries such as Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, England, Canada, the U.S. and even Cuba.

The book industry in Denmark continues to experience significant growth. Various groups comprise this sector such as the Danish Book Publishers Association as well as the Danish Antiquarian Booksellers Association. Several publishing houses are also in place in the country with the Gyldendal as the oldest (established in 1770) and the largest. And what this presence of a great number of publishers only shows is that Denmark is a country worth emulating in terms of its efforts to promote the value of books and reading to its citizens.

According to, one of the largest online marketplaces today, Denmark is one of their major markets when it comes to book sales. In fact, it is this very reason why the company recently launched its online reader in the country after the U.S. Amazon officials believe they will continue to get good sales from the Danish market adding that they even plan to sell books in the Danish language in the future.

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