Bornholm Gourmet Route: Foodie Shopping at Its Best

June is THE month to visit Bornholm if you wish to see the best chefs Denmark has to boast battle it out during the Sol Over Gudhjem, but if you wish to escape the tourist crush then now is as good a time as any to head over and discover the charms of Bornholm for yourself. The good news is that as a food lover, it doesn’t matter which time of the year you come to Bornholm because there are more than enough places to stop by and grab something to delight your palate all year round. By following the renowned Bornholm gourmet route between Gudhjem-Østermarie-Svaneke, you can sample the best produce Bornholm has to offer.

If you are to go on a foodie trip to Bornholm though, make sure to come with empty stomachs and loaded wallets, because you’ll surely be sampling stuff left and right and will probably come home with goodies, from sweets to sausages.

Those with a sweet tooth will definitely be happy to know that the gourmet route will bring you to Denmark’s first ever toffee factory, the Karamel Kompagniet in Holkavej 2. Of course, if it’s chocolates you want, then you can also stop by the chocolate factories, Svaneke Chokoladeri and Bech Chokolade. Those who just want to hoard all sorts of other sweet stuff can also head for the sweets factory, liquorice factory, and local honey farm. You’ll also find the best fresh ice cream in Svaneke’s marketplace.

As for those looking for tastier and more filling treats, a visit to either the Gudhjem Smokehouse or the Svaneke Smokehouse will yield all the smoked products Bornholm is famous for, from smoked herring to smoked eel and prawns. And don’t forget the Hallegård Gårdbutik (farm shop) for the tastiest and healthiest (additive-free) sausages.

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