Copenhagen: 2014 European Green Capital Awardee

Denmark seems to be topping prestigious lists and raking in one award after another. So it isn’t surprising that capital city, Copenhagen, is adding yet another award for the country to be proud of as the 2014 European Green Capital.

According to the European Green Capital website, “the jury singled out Copenhagen as a good model in terms of urban planning and design”, placing emphasis on the city’s pioneering spirit when it comes to transport.  The city’s goal to get 50% of residents to bike to work and to schools on a daily basis by 2015 is very much in line with their goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. As we all know, one of the best ways to get around Copenhagen is on a bike. This is true not only for residents, but even for tourists, with bike rental shops all over the city.

Of course, getting most people to cycle around the city is not the only reason they got the eco-award. In fact, majority of the C02 reductions that should help them achieve their carbon neutral goal will be a result of their Energy Supply initiatives, such as transitioning to a new and more efficient waste-to-energy incinerator and increasing the use of renewable energy for heating needs. Other initiatives that helped them bag the award include initiatives to better engage citizens to cooperate in realizing the goal of a greener Copenhagen and the push for eco-technologies that would result in more energy efficient buildings.

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