C&A Fashion Retailer Opens Shop in Aarhus and Kolding

Everyone knows that Danish fashion is about making a statement through simplicity. In fact, you will find plenty of Danish brands and fashion designers making it big in the world stage. As such, Copenhagen has become a destination not only for tourists wanting to see the attractions but also for those looking forward to coming home with loads of goodies for their wardrobe, both timeless pieces and in-season ones.

Shopping in Denmark is not limited to Danish brands though, being home to the best names in fashion and the biggest retailers worldwide.

This autumn/winter season, shoppers in Denmark will be happy to know that their choices have just been expanded thanks to popular European fashion retailer C&A’s new presence in the country. Opening their first two stores at the Kolding Storcenter and at Aarhus City Vest Storcenter, C&A makes good fashion even more accessible to budget-conscious shoppers.

Though C&A has not said anything about opening a branch in Copenhagen anytime soon, the harbor cities of Aarhus and Kolding is already benefiting from the company’s decision to open shop in the areas as new jobs have been created. Of course, big retailers like C&A also make the cities even more tourist-friendly. After all, though people like to see new sights when touring a new place, they generally tend to fall back to familiar names when it comes to fashion choices, and C&A is as familiar as you can get for European travelers with 1,575 C&A stores in 21 countries in Europe.

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