Capital Fun: Snowboarding in Copenhagen

People who are fond of snowboarding and skiing normally have to go to the mountains to do their favorite winter activities. But when you’re in Copenhagen, you can now do this right within the city.

You may be wondering where to do this as the city is flat and deprived of snow. The reason is that the capital city of Denmark has just opened its very first ramp in Norrebrogade meant for snowboarding and freestyle skiing. Formally opened last December 18, the public park features a battleship box, a sea box and a flat down rail. And so for those living in Denmark, there’s no need to travel to Vallasen or Klappen in Sweden as they can enjoy snowboarding right in the heart of Copenhagen.

Apart from being able to do snowboarding and skiing activities, people who go to this public ramp can enjoy great food such as grills. But this park will only be available until February 26 so local residents and visitors in the Danish capital should take advantage of it while they can.

Copenhagen, as it is, only has a slight elevation at nearly 171 meters which is not even fit for snow sledding. The nearest place ideal for doing snow sports activities is Sweden which boasts of real mountains. For those who don’t want to travel far, though, the best they can do is be content with the man made ski hill in Silkeborg or try the indoor ski slope in Rodovre.  

The number of people engaged in snowboarding these days is now in the millions. This activity was inspired by surfing, skiing and skateboarding and started as a Winter Olympic sport in 1998. Its various styles include jibbing, free riding, freestyle and free carve. In Europe, countries where snowboarding is popular include Austria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Norway, Russia, Slovenia and Switzerland.

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