Circus Benneweis – Denmark’s Premier Circus

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In 1887, Gottfried Benneweitz began giving circus performances outdoors in Denmark. Being a son of a German traveling musician who happened to move to Denmark, it was but natural for Gottfried to become an artist and musician. The son however proved more daring and entrepreneurial than the father. He established his traveling performing company which would later be known as Circus Benneweis. It holds the record of being the circus longest held by the establishing family. 

It was not clear why Benneweitz became Benneweis. Apparently, it didn't matter that much. The circus was doing well although it took two more generations for the circus to attain the prestige and importance attached to its name to this day. It took the genius of the adopted son Eli Benneweis to transform what was once a single traveling circus into the Benneweis circus empire. At present, the empire is being handled by Diana Benneweis, herself a star equestrian and an excellent animal trainer.

The performances done in the circus have been modernized and adopted to the times. It is evident that such changes are working for the circus because of the continued patronage it enjoys. Annual seasonal performances are done all over Denmark.

The Season 2014 Tour started in March in Hilleroed, north of Copenhagen. It is expected to end this September. Circus Benneweis travel to over 100 cities in Denmark in between season opening and closing. Those who would like to watch the circus shows would have to reserve their seats through their ticket office. 



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