The Concept of Hygge

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The concept of hygge in Denmark is something that cannot be defined or translated easily. Although “coziness” is a generally accepted translation of hygge, it is more than that. It has something to do with Danish culture in general and a state of mind and being desired by Danes in particular.

When a more particular definition is desired, events and actual experiences are often times used to describe it. The Christmas season and the feeling and atmosphere that it creates is a popular example. Ditto with the cold Danish winter evenings made warm by lit candles in homes while watching TV, cuddled in a couch with a loved one. The same feeling is attained during holidays when families get together. Hygge is also there during a very peaceful walk in the park alone or just enjoying your favorite ice cream on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The feeling of well being and the importance given to it is very much a part of Danish culture. Hygge is very much part of everyday life that most manufactured products in the country aim to produce such feeling and experience. It is an all-encompassing concept which can only be understood when experienced.

Visitors to Denmark will most likely experience this while walking in Tivoli Garden at night when it is cloaked with the magic of lighting in the way only Danes know how. Copenhagen during the festive season is another must-try. The essence however of hygge pervades everywhere and anytime in Denmark so anyone can experience it even in the most unexpected moment.

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