Bizarre Danish sayings in English language
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9 Bizarre Danish Sayings in English

Every language has its own sayings. Often they make perfect sense in their own language – they may even sound beautiful. But if translated they make absolutely no sense. The English saying “to get caught […]

Beauty standard in Denmark guide
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5 Beauty Standards in Denmark

Nordic people, but especially Danish women and men, are known for their unique appearance and facial features. Many say that Denmark is a country with the most beautiful people, so it’s no wonder why they […]

living in denmark gardening with kids
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Best Greenhouses for Hobby Gardening In Denmark

If you didn’t already know, gardening is quite a popular hobby in Denmark. Since this destination is generally an excellent spot for agriculture, it’s not hard to see why so many people here are able to grow a variety of plants in their garden just for the fun of it. […]