Contributions of Denmark to the Medical World

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Denmark can be proud of its contributions to the medical world through various inventions. Not many countries can claim such honor. It is worth taking note of these discoveries that have helped made living more bearable, regardless of how big or small they are. The real measure of a discovery's worth is the impact it makes on those who stand to benefit from it.

The ostomy bags we see today owe their existence to a somewhat primitive version made by Danish nurse Elise Sørensen in 1953. Using a disposable bag and an adhesive ring, she was able to come up with a simple and ingenious bag that can be attached to the skin without any other dressing for the purpose of placing around a stoma. It could be said that Sørensen was responsible for the principle behind the ostomy bag.

Danish inventor Holger Møller Hansen came up with the fiberscope, the patent of which he obtained in 1951. This is an optical instrument that can transmit an image to the eye using a fiber optic bundle. It offers the advantage of providing an optic path that can be curved without resulting to any image distortion. This instrument has been widely used to visually inspect areas that would be difficult or impossible to see by other means.

Troels Johansen created the medical breathing mask. It is essentially a facial breathing mask that works to regulate carbon dioxide concentration in the inspired air. The need for it is usually seen in people having medical disorders like panic anxiety, epilepsy, seizures, and certain heart conditions. 



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