How Carlsberg Yeast Forever Changed Danish Breweries

When Carlsberg was founded in 1847 by J.C. Jacobsen, he himself probably didn’t have any idea what his company would do for the brewing industry of Denmark. His pioneering ways and adherence to quality resulted to the discovery of steam brewing and refrigeration techniques. But the one thing that would forever be identified with Carlsberg is the propagation of a single yeast strain that will forever change the way beers are made not only in the country but all over the world.

The brewery had its humble beginnings in Copenhagen. A Carlsberg Laboratory was set up in 1875 to study the processes of malting, brewing, and fermenting. Science has always played an important role in the company. Whatever discovery came out of the laboratory benefited the whole brewing industry and not only Carlsberg. Eventually, the Carlsberg Foundation was established to manage the laboratory and to ensure continuous support for Danish scientific research. Carlsberg is one of the few Danish companies that were allowed to hoist the royal flag.

Denmark at present is at the forefront of yeast research and much is owed to Carlsberg in this aspect. The foundation continues to fund initiatives that support the country’s enviable position. Yeast research remains to be a major effort for Carlsberg as it obviously holds the key to continued industry leadership.

Carlsberg yeast has forever changed breweries in Denmark. From the time that one of its scientists discovered that yeast culture can be cultivated and used for the industry, things were never the same. After combining the isolated yeast cell with a sugary solution, the beer industry gained an unlimited supply of yeast.

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