Copenhagen Cooking Festival In August

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Take a bite of Copenhagen’s most famous pastries and enjoy every minute spent in the city this August. As the annual Copenhagen Cooking Festival is celebrated, many food enthusiasts and food lovers alike will enjoy the splendid taste and textures of the pastries and other dishes of the Copenhagen and the Nordic Region.

Copenhagen Cooking has gained its popularity among locals and foreign visitors and has become, since then, one of the biggest and most celebrated food festivals in the Nordic Region. It showcases gastronomic homage to the rich food culture of the Danes. For ten days each year in August, people gather together to get a taste of the most satisfying dishes that made people love Denmark even more.

The festival offers a wide variety of events, each one featuring a particular style of cooking that Denmark is very proud of. You can take a bite of the latest in the New Nordic Cuisine as well as the Copenhagen restaurant scene. No language requirement is necessary. All that you need to be is prepared to be swept off your feet with good food.


Are you ready to take a bite? Whether it is traditional Danish dishes that you love or you are up for the challenge of trying new gastronomic Danish inventions, then this festival is definitely for you. The Copenhagen Cooking Festival is highly appreciated not only because it best represents the rich Danish culture, but because it allows people to enjoy the pleasures of live through marvellous dishes. Indeed, it is something that is worth travelling to Denmark in August!

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