Top attractions in Denmark : The best of Danish activities

tivoli garden top attractions in denmark
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Let's see the top attractions in Denmark ! Denmark tourism continues to grow despite the economic downturn in most parts of the world. Proof of this is the influx of tourists in the country that has kept the tourism industry alive.

louisiana museum

The latest figures from Visit Denmark, the national tourist organization, revealed that tourists remain attracted to zoos and amusement parks. These figures are compiled in the organization’s top 40 tourist attractions across the country. What’s noteworthy is that the top five attractions have remained the same since 2007.

Specifically, people who visit Denmark country are captivated by the elephants at Copenhagen Zoo, the fairground at Tivoli and the installations in place at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Tivoli was tops in terms of the number of visitors at three percent or nearly four million guests in 2008. Coming in second was Dyrehavbakken in Northern Zealand. Although the place had fewer visitors, it was able to retain its position on the Top 50 list. On the third spot is Legoland in Billund with 1.6 million visitors followed by the Copenhagen Zoo which experienced the biggest increase in 2008 at 20 percent or 232,000 visitors. Faarup Sommerland is in fifth place with 578,587 visitors. You can see more informations on the next paragraphe about this top attractions in Denmark !

The Copenhagen Zoo also set a record in 2008 in its entire 150-year history. It saw the highest figure in terms of visitors at 1.4 million. Most of the visitors were attracted to the polar bears, flamingos and elephants at the newly built Elephant House. The new area for the elephants which was completed in June last year covers 10,720 square metres and comprises 10 percent of the entire zoo area.

Visitor growth was also evident at the art museums of Arken (74%) and Louisiana (19%). Overall, though, the amusement parks were the top tourist attractions. The Top 10 Danish parks accounted for nearly 11 million of the total 21 million people who visited Danish attractions in 2008.

Six Most Visited Danish Attractions

There is no doubt about it that Denmark remains to be one of the top tourist destinations in Europe and in the world. The past years can prove it and 2010 is sure to be another great year in terms of tourism for this Nordic country. Millions of people from all parts of the globe travel to Denmark each year and below you will find out where they mostly go to based on data from Denmark Statistics.

Top Six Attractions in Denmark

Tivoli Gardens – This popular Danish amusement park in the capital of Copenhagen attracts an estimated 4.4 million people each year. Established in 1843, this famous park features a wooden roller coaster and a large carousel for both the young and old visitors. It ranked 32nd in the World Tourism Organization’s top 50 list of the most visited spots worldwide. Read more about Tivoli just here !

tivoli garden top attractions in denmark

Dyrehavsbakken – This refers to the Deer Park Hill also known as Bakken or The Hill. Situated about 8 miles towards the northern part of Copenhagen, this oldest amusement park in the world receives some 2.7 million people every year. It has five roller coasters including a wooden one and other wonderful rides for people of all ages.


Legoland – This themed amusement park in Billund near the first Lego factory attracts both kids and adults. Other than the miniature structures depicting top tourist landmarks in the world using millions of Lego bricks, the park also features great rides, a resort and hotel.

top attractions in denmark legoland

Zoologisk Have – Also known as the Copenhagen Zoo, this place founded in 1859 raises various kinds of wild animals kept in state of the art enclosures. It initially focused, though, on breeding elephants the reason for having its well known Elefanthaus. 

zoologisk have top attractions in denmark

Faarup Sommerland – This amusement park in North Jutland is famous for family outings. It has an aquapark, rides and a 4D cinema. More than 570,000 people visited in 2008.

faarup sommerland top attractions in denmark

Louisiana Museum – A Denmark museum of modern art located in northern Zealand, Louisiana showcases a variety of art masterpieces numbering more than 3,000 created by Danish and international artists.

louisiana museum top attractions in denmark

Top-Rated Attractions In Denmark

Denmark has got a different kind of charm that is taking the world by sweep. From its glorious beaches to its beautiful castles that make fairy tales come to life and the lush forests are just a few of the many reasons why tourist couldn’t help but come to visit and just come back for more. The friendly people as well as the temperate climates makes everything all worth the hours of travel too.

In the capital of Denmark alone, there’s the Borgen. It has become the star of the city for its wonder and the promise that it is going to give people a really good time. Christiansborg has got its magnificent parliament building that you should not miss out on.

oresund bridge

The Oresund Bridge has become a stunning landmark too. This collaboration between Danish and Sweding engineers features the future of engineering. The two countries are linked by this bridge that comes with a road and rail system altogether. It’s the first in the world, indeed!

Whether you are a lover of literature or a believer of happy endings, you are sure to have a good time in Odense. This part of the country is known to be the hometown of Hans Christian Anderson. This magnificent storyteller will make you fall in love with his hometown making it seem as if it were the dream world you have always imagined it to be.

Odense offers its museum specially dedicated to this writer. A visit to the home where he grew up would be a real treat. When in Denmark, don’t hesitate to visit these sites.

Hope you will enjoy the top attractions in Denmark !

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