Copenhagen Culinary Experience: 6 Spots for a Luxury Dining

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Are you planning a luxury weekend in Copenhagen? Great choice! The Danish capital offers many ways to experience the local spirit in a refined setting. One of them is to go on a food tour of local fine-dining establishments. 

Luxury restaurants in Copenhagen invite you to plunge into the world of new taste sensations. You will always feel like a welcome and respected guest there. However, your culinary tour wouldn’t be complete without renting a premium or luxury vehicle. Many local restaurants have Michelin stars, which indicates their special status and requires an appropriate approach. Thus, showing up at such an establishment in a suit and a nice-looking luxury car rental is a must. If you're ready to start your Copenhagen haute cuisine experience, check out the best establishments for this.


The Noma restaurant in Copenhagen made a splash in 2010 when, unexpectedly for everyone, it became the winner in The S.Pellegrino World Best Restaurant nomination. Since then, Noma has won several other awards. 

According to the original concept, the year in the restaurant is divided into 3 seasons: vegetable season during the summer, game and forest season lasting from early autumn to December, and seafood season from January to June. Each season presents products typical for a particular month. Therefore, three times a year you see a new menu. 

The restaurant's cuisine is Scandinavian, but the recipes are truly unique. For example, try up to 20-cm-long Horse mussels cooked with tart and salty mirabelle plums. Generally, Noma's tasting menu consists of about 20 dishes.

Address: Refshalevej 96, 1432 København K, Denmark

dish on white ceramic plate


Although Noma is a local culinary highlight, Geranium has achieved a real triumph in Denmark. It ranks first in the list of the best restaurants in Copenhagen. Phenomenal cuisine, creative presentation of dishes, unique location, and, not surprisingly, 3 Michelin stars – no other establishment in the Danish capital can boast of such weighty arguments. 

The Geranium Hall occupies the 8th floor of the National Football Stadium, and its windows provide a beautiful view of the Fælledparken. The main specialization of the restaurant is modern Scandinavian cuisine. The menu consists of about 20 items, each of which is real magic. For example, a dish that looks like a clamshell is actually made from dough and dyed with squid ink so you can eat it whole.

Address: Per Henrik Lings Allé 4, 8. Sal, 2100 København, Denmark

Told & Snaps 

This restaurant specializes in sandwiches with various fillings. Despite that sandwiches are available in almost all Danish restaurants, Told & Snaps has kept the secrets of making this dish for several centuries. 

Light colors prevail in the interior, paintings in gilded frames hang on its walls, and candlesticks and fresh flowers stand on the tables. Such a cozy atmosphere is the best way to have a delicious and hearty dinner. 

At Told & Snaps, you can enjoy herring, corned beef, and pork with stewed cabbage and potatoes. Also, the restaurant's menu offers real Schnapps, which will give the dishes a unique taste.

Address: Toldbodgade 2, 1253 København, Denmark

man in blue jacket pouring water on white ceramic bowl

Restaurant Kronborg 

You will find this restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen. Its cozy atmosphere is ideal for a romantic date or meeting with friends. 

Here visitors can taste traditional open sandwiches. However, the menu also includes such specialties as herring in curry sauce with boiled eggs, onions, and capers. Fish lovers will like a smoked eel with scrambled eggs, Danish meatballs, and red cabbage. 

Please note that Kronborg specializes in cooking meals and may be closed in the evenings on some days. The menu includes traditional Christmas dishes. During the holidays, the restaurant can get crowded, so it's best to book a table in advance.

Address: Brolæggerstræde 12, 1211 København, Denmark

Royal Smushi 

The main feature of the establishment is its interior. The walls of the Royal Smushi are decorated with portraits and wall paintings that depict various humorous situations from the life of ordinary people. The highlight of the menu is “smushi”, a traditional Danish open sandwich that resembles sushi in size and shape. 

Here you can taste the traditional berry soup with cream, as well as the æblekage apple pie, which vaguely resembles a Charlotte cake. The restaurant is owned by tea and coffee specialist Rud Christiansen. Needless to say, at Royal Smushi Cafe these drinks are always of the highest quality!

Address: Amagertorv 6, 1160 København, Denmark

cooked food on gray ceramic plate

Restaurant Koefoed 

A careful selection of ingredients is the main feature of the restaurant. It gets some of its food from Bornholm, a rocky island in the Baltic Sea, which is the largest supplier of fresh fruits and vegetables. The mild climate of the island creates ideal conditions for the growth of cereals, figs, mulberries, and vegetables. All of these products are of exceptionally high quality, resulting in the outstanding taste of the dishes served at Restaurant Koefoed. 

The local specialty is Sol over Gudhjem – smoked herring. Also, the restaurant is famous for the herbal drink kryddersnaps – schnapps based on herbs and spices from Bornholm Island.

Address: Landgreven 3, 1301 København, Denmark

In general, the luxurious restaurants of Copenhagen are ready to welcome you. Each of the options we have discussed above will give you a perfect dining experience in a refined setting.

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