Copenhagen Welcomes New International School

Copenhagen international school ! Denmark in Europe is home to thousands of immigrants. Most of them are employees coming from other countries who were posted to work in this great Scandinavian country. Many of these foreign workers are also parents with children still going to school.

Good thing the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, boasts of reputable international schools and universities. There used to be just three major international schools in this city – two are situated in Hellerup and another in Horsholm. This month, though, saw the opening of a new international educational institution near the city center, right in the heart of Osterbro.

Named as the Osterbro International School, this newly opened institution was made possible through the efforts of two Danish businessmen and a dedicated young teacher. The two business partners are now members of the school’s Board of Governors and Nedzat Asanovski, the teacher, now serves as the school administrator. The three found ways and means to put up their dream school and spent a year negotiating with the country’s Education Ministry to obtain the necessary permit, searching for a suitable building and recruiting teachers.

It was actually Asanovski who is very committed to providing additional international education in Copenhagen. Fortunately, he found help through the two businessmen and together, they worked to make their dream a reality. This young teacher is a product of the University of Copenhagen where he took English, history and mathematics.

The International Baccalaureate or IB course will be made available at the Osterbro International School. Pupils from aged 5 to 15 can avail of the primary and middle year programmes being offered. Some 87 applicants from 20 different countries have so far been accepted and the school hopes to meet its 140 limit in its first year of operation.

English is the main language of instruction in this non-profit, non-religious and non-political international institution. However, two classes of Danish language will be offered every week at all levels.

Copenhagen international School Attracts Record Enrollees

copenhagen international school

Denmark is known for its high quality education. This fact has reverberated around the world and has attracted a high number of foreigners to study in the country. Specifically,  Copenhagen international school is famous for being home to educational institutions. The city is renowned for its unique theoretical approach that schools adopting this system are referred to as the Copenhagen School.

The latest development in Denmark is that the Copenhagen Business School (CBS) has gotten a good number of applications from young foreigners wishing to pursue their master’s degree in the Danish capital city. The applications that are of top priority total 1,862 considered a new record for the business school.

The Copenhagen international School feels very privileged about this development. According to the schools’ official website, most of the interested applicants are from Germany, Sweden, Norway and Italy. The entire number of applications, however, came from 89 different countries.

As of March 15, 2009, CBS has received a total of 2,357 applications from both Danish and foreign students. The record for this year is an increase of over 100 percent from the school’s 2008 figures.

Most of the students from Europe interested to pursue post graduate studies at the business school choose the Master’s in Economics and Business Administration degree program. CBS study director Annette Juhl Hansen also revealed that other students have expressed interest in pursuing master’s degree in Advanced Economics and Finance.

The Copenhagen Business Schools is one of the three major business schools in the northern part of Europe. Established in 1917 by the Danish Society for the Advancement of Business Education, this private school accommodates some 16,000 students and researchers. Each year, thousands of exchange students enroll in the institution. The school puts emphasis on the development of contemporary research and business skills. It offers bachelor programs, master’s programs, MBA and executive programs and research programs (PhD and Doctor of Business Administration).

American Student Joins Denmark Pro Basketball

Many sports minded youngsters, whether male or female, who have more than the average skills would prefer to stay in their country to play for their fellowmen. But sometimes, there are just golden opportunities so hard to pass up even if it means going to another country.

A young American lady named Rebecca Kielpinski is one student who wants to follow her heart all for the love of sport. She’s one of two players from the U.S. who will be joining the Lemvig team of the Danish Dameligaen professional basketball league. Basketball is also a popular Denmark sport.

Rebecca Kielpinski

This 22-year-old lady is a great volleyball player but she’s willing to pass up the chance to be in the UAA volleyball team. She is known as the All-American center who led the University Athletic Association to the NCAA Division II Final Four.

Rather than staying in the Anchorage school, Kielpinski is excited to go to Denmark. What’s interesting about this female player is that she’s not only going to play basketball as a Denmark sport but she’ll also get the chance to coach a team of young players all aged 14.

Kielpinski’s remarkable achievements include setting nine school records for Seawolves and becoming the third women’s basketball player from UAA to go pro in the recent years. When offered to be part of the Denmark sport, she accepted the offer the day after without any second thoughts.

This 6-foot-2 young lady will leave for Denmark on August 8 and will be staying the Jutland Peninsula. The season for the Denmark sport of basketball starts in October. Kielpinski still plans to go back to her school next summer to complete her degree. She’s not sure, though, whether to continue pursuing volleyball because it’s basketball that really made her a four-year star for the UAA.

Billund: The New Destination for Young International Students

copenhagen international school

Students looking to move to Denmark to study are often those aiming to pursue a degree in one of Denmark’s Universities. With some of Denmark’s best universities offering programs tailor-fit for international students, it is no wonder that Denmark attracts study-abroad visitors every year.

What you don’t really hear much about though are the educational opportunities for younger international students. This is perhaps something that will be changing soon as people hear of the newly opened International School of Billund.

The International School of Billund is founded by the LEGO Foundation and is one of the highlights of the Billund Municipality’s quest to reinvent itself as the “Capital of Children”. Note though that the school will be operating independently and will not be under the LEGO Foundation.

copenhagen international school

Aimed at providing “creative, high quality academic programmes to students aged 3 to 16 years” the International School of Billund is unique in the curriculum it offers in that it combines Danish learning traditions, the proven International Baccalaureate programme, an the creative approach of the Lego group called systematic creativity. 

Preference will be given to International students when applying for slots. Right now, the school only accepts children aged 3 to 9 years old. By August 2015, programmes for older students will be available.

So the next time you think of visiting LEGOLAND in Billund, take heed because your little one might convince you to just stay and enroll in the new “LEGO school”. After all, why settle for a day of fun, when school can be just as equally fun?

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