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Experimentarium Copenhagen – Fun Things To Do

It is said that science is best learned when experienced. There is a particular attraction in Denmark known as the Experimentarium Copenhagen City which offers experiential learning of science for children and adults alike. The Experimentarium, a science […]

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Everything About Schools In Denmark

Are you thinking about moving to Denmark with the rest of the family? Then it is important that you understand what Denmark schools require of the children. It is a must that you are able to settle everything before your children move in to Denmark schools to help ease up the challenges of moving to a new learning environment. […]


Learning the Danish Language

Travelers who frequently travel to Denmark or do regular business in it will be happy to know that learning the Danish language has been made a lot easier than most would think. This is not only true within the country but also in other parts of the world specifically where there is an existing Danish embassy. Danish embassies and consulates are able to provide information with regards to activities that are scheduled to happen in other countries. […]

literacy rate in denmark

Literacy Rate in Denmark

Denmark has one of the most outstanding literacy rates in the world. The literacy rate is placed at 99% for both men and women. The Education Index shows Denmark in good company with the likes of Australia, New Zealand, and Finland. […]


Princess Louise Auguste: Kicking It Up In Court

Princess Louise Augusta, princess of Denmark and second child to Carolina Mathilde, was nicknamed “La Petite Struensee” for a number of reasons. Could it have been how her profile, keen wit, and personable appeal reminded the Danish court so much of the deposed former court physician? Or was it because of the whispers of gossip about who her true father was? […]


Carolina Mathilda’s Children: Frederick VI

On January 28, 1768, Carolina Mathilde, Queen to King Christian VII of Denmark and sixteen years of age, gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The infant was christened Frederik VI in Christianborg Palace in copenhagen, the same place where he was born. Hi godparents were his father, Christian VII, his paternal stepgrandmother, Dowager Empress Juliane Marie, and his half-uncle, Hereditary Prince Frederick. […]


Carolina Mathilde’s Children: Louise Auguste

“Le Petite Struensee”, the court used to call the wee princess.

Princess Louise Aguste was born on July 17, 1771. She was regarded to be the daughter of King Chrisitian VII of Denmark, but it was also widely accepted that her real biological father was Johann Friedrich Struensee, the court phyisician and “de facto” ruler of Denmark at the time. After all, had not the King avoided his Queen’s bedchambers for a whole year, and the Queen Carolina Mathilde taken the good doctor as her lover? […]


The Legacy of Johann Friedrich Struensee

In one of our earlier posts, we put a spotlight on the award-winning movie A Royal Affair, which tells the story of the romance between Johann Friedrich Struensee, court physician to “de facto” ruler, and Carolina Mathilde of Great Britain, queen to King Christian VII. Today, we’ll focus on the many political changes Streuensee brought about during his time of power. […]