Copenhagen Restaurant is Top in Nordic Countries

The year 2010 is going well for Denmark. During the first month of the year, the country already welcomed some good news including one from the prestigious New York Times that listed Denmark as a cool and green destination.

Now brace yourselves up for another positive news although this one may no longer surprise you.  It’s about Denmark’s internationally renowned Restaurant Noma in the capital of Copenhagen. The latest buzz about this world class dining place pertains to another award.

Noma Restaurant is the only one of such establishment in Denmark with two Michelin stars. Operated by chef Rene Redzepi, this restaurant in Copenhagen was elected last week as the best in the Nordic countries. The jury that made the decision was composed of five people from Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Denmark. Noma Restaurant edged out Mathias Dahlgren in Sweden, Bagatelle in Norway, Dill in Iceland and Savoy in Finland.

The restaurant’s name Noma is taken from two Danish words nordisk mad which literally means Nordic food. In 2009, it ranked 3rd among the world’s best restaurants in the Restaurant magazine. In addition to that, the restaurant also earned the Chef’s Choice in the 2009 Restaurant magazine’s Top 50 list.

Chef Redzepi is much to be credited for the success of the restaurant. A veteran chef admired by many chefs worldwide, the man behind Noma leads by example and really knows how to manage his kitchen and staff.

Noma which was established in 2004 by Redzepi and Meyer specializes in exotic Nordic cuisine. It goes beyond serving just the classic Nordic food as the chef running the place is into redefining food in the Nordic and Scandinavian region.

If you’re planning a trip to Denmark anytime soon, this dining place should not be missed. It’s situated at an old warehouse in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn neighborhood. The warehouse has been transformed into the North Atlantic House, a center for art and culture.

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