DADIU: Collaborative Efforts for Developing and Producing Games in Denmark

DADIU is Denmark’s National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment. It is a collaboration between and among five universities and three art schools in the country. The main thrust is to create education that could positively influence the Danish computer game industry.

Member institutions include The Animation Workshop, VIA University College; The Royal Danish Academy, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation; The National Film School of Denmark; DTU; University of Copenhagen, Computer Science, Film Studies and Media Studies; IT University of Copenhagen; TRUEMAX Academy; Aalborg University, Computer Science, Medialogy; and Aarhus University. Each member education is represented in meetings that take place twice or thrice a year, together with a representative from the games industry plus two student representatives. The collaboration between these educational institutions is materialized in joint production and joint curriculum. This is intended for the purpose of preparing students to speak the same computer game learning language. 

The offered education in the academy is towards specialization in creating computer games. Only the students from member institutions can avail of the program which essentially covers one complete semester from September to October. Although the students will be coming from different universities and art schools, They will be taught a joint curriculum.

Each student is given a specific role in a game development team and is required to participate in workshops, lectures, projects, and a six-week game-production. The learning scenario is intended to be as close to the actual game production environment as possible. The last two months of the program is dedicated to producing real games.



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