Danes Have the Most Positive Attitude Towards Entrepreneurship

Denmark has been topping lists left and right, which is why it’s not really surprising to learn that it has topped another one again. This time around, the Danes has topped Amway’s list when it comes towards a “positive attitude towards entrepreneurship” with 89% of Danish respondents taking on such a view and only 9% having a negative attitude.

The report does not delve deeper into the correlation between success in small and medium enterprises and people’s attitude, but simply tries to give a better “view on self-employment potential and obstacles hindering the entrepreneurial activity.”

While having the most positive attitude towards entrepreneurship does not automatically equate with success in business, Amway’s Entrepreneurship Report rightly points out that the “fear of failing has been among the highest obstacles to becoming self-employed”. This only means that the Danes are in turn generally more open to the idea of putting up their own businesses and daring to step out of the traditional employer-employee model.

As Danish attitude towards entrepreneurship remains optimistic, this will reflect in the career choices of the people and ultimately cascade down to the country’s economy. Of course, it will also eventually have an effect on the happiness index of the country and it’s people, which as we already know is already at number one.

Other countries topping the list include Finland (87%), Australia (84%), Colombia and Netherlands (82%), and Great Britain (77%). There were 24 countries included in the report with all the countries averaging at 70% for the number of people with a positive attitude towards self-employment.

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