Danish Chefs Get Top Awards

When it comes to exotic Danish cuisine, Denmark’s chefs are indeed world class. This has long been proven and this fact can never be refuted. The country’s top restaurants bearing the Michelin stars are concrete proof of the outstanding work of Danish chefs. And when these chefs continue to excel in what they do, they continue to reap the appropriate rewards as well.

Just take the case of the recent cooking competitions at the FoodExpo trade show that took place in Herning, Jutland. Named Denmark’s Chef of the Year for 2010 was Tommy Friis, last year’s runner up.

Friis edged out his close competitors with his unique dish composed of smoked leg of a lamb and almonds for the entrée and chocolate crests in a nest for dessert.  He also prepared river trout in aromatic oils for the starter or appetizer. Friis’ concoctions were said to be the tastiest among those prepared by the other chefs leading him to earn the top award.

A chef at Molskroen Restaurant in Jutland’s Ebeltoft town, 31-year-old Friis proved his worth by creating a one of a kind menu from the same set of raw ingredients provided to all participants. Although happy with his latest award, he said that does not stop him from improving his skills and looking forward to joining higher level competitions to attain his ultimate ambition.

After the FoodExpo, Friis is set to compete in the Nordic championship and the Bocuse D’Or which is considered to be the top chef competition in the world. Coming in second from him garnering the silver award was Brian Mark Hansen from the five-star Sollerod Kro while Michael Pedersen from Villa Vest Restaurant in Lonstrup got the bronze medal.

A total of 10 chefs joined the competition with seven people serving as judges.  Each of the five Nordic countries had two representatives. Named Nordic Chef of the Year was Kenneth Hansen of the Svinklov Badehotel in northern Jutland

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