Danish Female Hockey Team Gets 3 Awards

IT, scientific research, eco friendly infrastructures and sports, name it and Denmark excels in any of them. Let’s check out sports this time. In recent months, Denmark made remarkable achievements in the field of tennis and a lady named Caroline Wozniacki is behind it. This woman is currently one of the world’s top ranking tennis players. 

But a group of female hockey players is not to be beaten because they, too, earned several awards over the weekend. The women’s national indoor field hockey team got three individual awards at the Eurohockey Nations Trophy tournament for best player, best goalkeeper and top goalscorer. Never mind if the team didn’t get the top group award.

Young player Matilde Christensen grabbed two awards for her skilled performances – one for top goalscorer for having scored 20 points at the end of the three-day tournament and another one for being the best hockey player. Another team member, Mie Pedersen, got the best goalkeeper award for having blocked several attempts at the goal despite an injury.

The Danish female hockey team qualified for the Trophy tournament after winning over England during the Challenge competition final last year. This is the group’s first experience in the Trophy or second-tier competition yet they did a wonderful job.

The team’s great sports performance led them to gain the 5th spot among the eight groups that took part in the competition which means they can still compete in the Trophy tournament next year.  This achievement actually already qualifies them for a World Cup spot but the female players may still need more training in order to be really prepared to compete head on with European champs especially from The Netherlands and Germany.

Denmark’s female hockey squad is composed of 12 young ladies with an average age of 19. The team’s coach and manager are all praises for their players’ performance and are proud of the compliments they received from sports fans.

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